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The DDS Waiver Services  provides a variety of community-based services to eligible individuals in addition to the management, policy development, planning and administration of the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver.

​Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver Services are available to a limited number of individuals as an alternative to ICF/MR placement. Under this waiver, individuals may receive services such as PASSE Services such as Care Coordination  Supported Living Services, Non-Medical Transportation, Adaptive Equipment, Environmental Modifications, Supplemental Support Services, Consultation Services, and Crisis Intervention Services, through DDS licensed community providers and Employment Path Services through DDS Services.
Supportive Living

  • Community Experience
  • Transportation
  • Adaptive Equipment​​
  • Specialty Supplies
  • Consultation
  • Modification of Equipment
  • Additional Services Available as Needed


Ticket to Work

Creative Achievements is also...

an approved employment network with Social Security's Ticket To Work program. This program is designed to help persons that are on SSI and SSDI become financially independent, thus getting off of their benefits in the long run. This is a process, and can take a while. It is not a quick fix. We are here to screen potential clients and guide them through this process, including helping them with the skills necessary to get a job, find and network for a job, and be successful for the long term.

​Central Arkansas Disability Services assists clients ages 18 to 64 enjoy the maximum benefits of this free and voluntary program. Ticket to Work is ideally suited for individuals who realize they are empowered to increase their earning potential through long-term growth in a full-time workplace.

  • Placement Coaching Incentives
  • Employment Network Training
  • Identifying Accommodations
  • Advocacy Services (if needed)
  • Additional Services Available as Needed


Supported Employment

This particular program can...

be in place for clients who need very individualized help to get a job. We go through a thorough discovery process to get to know each client. We also take the time for job sampling and job shadowing to help our client understand the types of things that are available and show us what they can do. We provide on-the-job supports, or job coaching if our clients need that service when they begin the job. And we follow up with them for the long term to help provide job stability.

​For clients capable of working 15 to 25 hours each week, Central Arkansas Disability Services applies a people-centric approach to secure meaningful employment. This service is tailored to individuals striving to overcome a variety of severe disabilities to explore their full potential.

  • Job Development
  • Job Placement
  • Job Coaching
  • Monthly Monitoring
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Additional Services Available as Needed


Benefits Planning

Our staff works with clients to...

understand how going to work will impact their Social Security benefits of either SSI or SSDI. There may be appropriate work incentives to use when getting back into the workforce. Along with that, clients need to understand how their Medicare and Medicaid healthcare benefit are affected when they return to work. If they happen to lose their job, they need to now what can be done to reinstate their benefits quickly. There are many things that go into the planning process for getting a job before that first day back, and Creative Achievements can help to make it a successful transition


Ticket to WORK Introduction ... Meet Ben