Central Arkansas Disability Services provides a wide range of programs that supports the agency’s mission of empowering individuals through person-centered services focusing on home, community, and employment services that support full inclusion in the community.  These programs facilitate the opportunity for our program participants to live their lives according to their terms.

High School Transition Services

Transition Services is designed to improve the transition of students with disabilities from school to postsecondary education or an employment outcome.

  • Job Exploration Counseling
  • Work-Based Learning Experiences, Which May Include in-School or after School Opportunities, Experiences outside of the Traditional School Setting, and/or Internships
  • Counseling on Opportunities for Enrollment in Comprehensive Transition or Postsecondary Educational Programs
  • Workplace Readiness Training to Develop Social Skills and Independent Living
  • Instruction in Self-Advocacy
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Supported Employment / Discovery


The Discovery process is a person-centered, comprehensive employment planning service to assist clients to determine their employment preferences, interests, needs, skills, and supports.

Supported Employment

  • Job Development
  • Job Placement
  • Job Coaching
  • Retention & Monthly Tracking
  • Additional Services Available as Needed

Ticket to Work

CADS assists Social Security Beneficiaries aged 18 to 64 with career development activities to achieve financial independence.  Ticket to Work is ideal for individuals who realize they are empowered to increase their earning potential through long-term growth in a full-time workplace.

  • Employment Assessment/Intake
  • Individual Work Plan (IWP)
  • Career Counseling
  • Job Development
  • Job Coaching
  • Job Placement
  • Retention & Monthly Tracking

SSI & SSDI Benefit Planning Promoting Employment and Financial Stability of Social Security Beneficiaries with Disabilities

This program for people with disabilities who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) enhances awareness and understanding of the effect of work on benefits, public health insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid, and any other benefits received.

Community Partner Work Incentives Counselors (CPWIC)

A trained Community Partner Work Incentives Counselors (CPWIC) provides in-depth, individualized counseling about benefits and various work incentives available through the Social Security Administration which enables beneficiaries to make informed choices regarding potential work activities and plans for achieving greater self-sufficiency.

The CPWIC can help to answer questions such as:

  • What will happen to my SSDI/SSI check if I go to work?
  • How will employment affect my Medicare/Medicaid?
  • Will I still be eligible for other federal, state, local benefits if I choose to work?
  • How do I report my income to the Social Security Administration?

Who is eligible?

An individual must meet the following requirements in order to be a candidate for benefit Planning.

  • Already receiving (or approved to receive) Social Security benefits based on disability
  • At least 14 years of age but not yet full retirement age
  • Currently employed, actively seeking employment, or considering employment
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The Community and Employment Support (CES) Waiver offers services in your community to support participants with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) with all major life activities, such as living independently and working at a job with help from an employment coach. The program promotes inclusion for participants through community experiences and provides care coordination for getting services. The goal of the waiver is simple: it helps participants with IDD to live in the community rather than in an institutional setting such as a nursing home or Intermediate Care Facility.

  • Home & Community Based Services
  • Supportive Living
  • Community Experiences
  • Additional Services as needed

Ready to find out more?


The Retail Employees with Disabilities Initiative (REDI) is Walgreens in-store retail and customer service educational training program for people with disabilities.


  • REDI is 3 to 4 weeks of in-store retail customer service educational training.
  • The Agency Job Site Trainer provides training to REDI externs
    on-site using the REDI curriculum.
  • The curriculum covers Customer Service Associate (CSA) competencies.
  • The store managers evaluate the externs for program competency once REDI training concludes.
  • The REDI program graduates will have the opportunity to apply for open positions with Walgreens or other retail stores.

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