Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values

Our Mission

Empowering individuals through person-centered services focusing on home, community, and employment services that support full inclusion in the community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower people by creating access to services to inspire and elevate freedom of choice.

Our Values

The 4 Cs of CADS:

We are a caring organization recognizing the unique challenges faced by those we serve and will provide support with kindness and empathy.

We act with integrity and transparency, execute with excellence, and are accountable for our actions.

We believe inclusive and diverse teams build trust and lead to better results. 


We innovate and find solutions to continuously improve. 

A Note From the Board of Directors, CEO & Management

The Central Arkansas Disability Services, Inc. Board of Directors strives to provide quality services for children and adults with barriers to independence. We believe Program Participants and their families should have the ability to contribute to their lives in any manner that will enhance and promote an atmosphere that creates inclusiveness, diversity, and participation.

We also believe that employment enriches and adds meaning to every life. The workplaces and communities are enhanced when they embrace differences.

This is why we make every effort to collaborate with the various community partners to widen our reach through an array of services. We visualize communities where people with disabilities receive quality services that empower them to lead good lives and continue living without limits.

We remain accountable to our Program Participants and each member of their support network to develop and maintain the highest standards for healthy living. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to making a connection with you and your family.



Central Arkansas Disability Services, Inc. leadership staff works hard every day to ensure that our service recipients live a life without limits. We are a dedicated group committed to providing compassionate care to those with disabilities.


Pamela Cross Chief Executive Officer


FELISHA EDINGTON Director of Employment &
Community Engagement

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Vacant Employment & Community Engagement Coordinator


Charlis Brown - McKay Compliance Officer

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Vacant Administrative Assistant


Cayla Cross Administrative Coordinator


Brenda Westbrook Waiver Coordinator


Doris Smith Employment Network Representative